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Fill out this application if you want to be our reseller.

Do you run a workshop, car dealership or haulage company?

Värmarcenter collaborates with many workshops, haulers, leasing companies, taxi companies, and the like around the world and has received very good feedback from our corporate customers. Our main strengths are that we not only sell goods but help our customers identify and solve their potential problems. We work with high-quality products and have good knowledge of how to use them. We take on all challenges and almost always find solutions that suit you and your customers. Of course, we would like to start working with you and your company as well. So do not hesitate to contact us so we have the opportunity to tell you how we can make the collaboration profitable for both of us!

Can you as a workshop get a better price?
Yes, we have a special price list for our returning corporate customers, it should, of course, be profitable to be a loyal Värmarcenter Service Partner

I am interested in starting to work with your products! How do I go about it?
It's easy, contact us and we will help you! We just want to know a little about your thoughts on the collaboration and what volumes it may be about.

How is it practically possible to order and receive the products?
- Most of our customers choose to place the order via, but we have customers who email their orders and we solve the rest. If you do not feel sure of what you need, we will arrive at it together over the phone.
- We send the products with a company package to your company's address or to DHL's delivery point if you prefer. For customers in Stockholm, there is the opportunity to order and pick up the goods from us in Bromma (NOTE! No stock, book goods a day before)

It should be easy to order from us and fit into your everyday life so we are flexible!

Do you have a store or webshop where you want to sell our products?
Get in touch and we will help you! We have pictures of the products that you can use and can also be helpful with product texts for the webshop. We can find a collaboration that suits both of us, either we send products to your customers from us with the material you want us to attach, or we send them to you for repackaging. So you do not have to have our products in stock if you do not want to, even if there are benefits to it.

What does Värmarcenter have to offer besides awesome technical know-how?
- Close contact with technicians who really care about making it easier for you as a customer.
- Fast deliveries of all stock items, direct delivery from Webasto in Germany if we are out of something.
- Deep knowledge of the products and installations.
- Technical support in cases where that little extra is needed.

Fill in your details below or contact us at +46 8800449

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